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So you want to market your company on the Internet. Everyone has a web site. You want a web site…or you already have a web site. There’s just one problem. Your site has been up for awhile – without sales. STOP and heed the red light. There is hope…companies to assist you with Internet marketing resources strategy are out there in cyberspace to help with your Internet marketing. Come and they will build it. Meanwhile here are some tips to get you on your way. Tip 1 – Content counts. · Looks are important, but they’re not the be-all, end-all. A first impression will get your target to look at your Internet site. Your content, however, will keep them coming back – as long as it’s consistent with the first impression. If not, according to Internet marketing resources strategy, a disconnect occurs. And that disconnect will raise doubts about your site. Tip 2 – Shun complacency · Internet marketing resources strategy advises against smugness. If your Internet marketing efforts are generating good results – wonderful. But strategists remind us that a good result isn’t a great result. A caveat regarding Internet marketing resources strategy: remember that the marketing environment changes so fast that you must be open to exploring new ways to market. Tip 3 – Test…then test some more. · Keep on testing to find incremental improvements. Internet marketing resources strategy calls for monitoring performance and the market to spot critical developments that demand a response. Tip 4 – Explore directory listings. · Think creatively about the many places that might link to you is the advice of Internet marketing resources strategy. Be sure to investigate all relevant professional associations like your local chambers of commerce as well as online Yellow Page and referral directories where you can be listed. Tip 5 – Don’t downplay the value of e-mail. · E-mail is probably still a very underutilized marketing tool. Internet marketing resources strategy cites creation of signature file, a short text file automatically inserted at the end of all your e-mail messages, featuring your name, company, one line about what you do, phone number, e-mail and URL. Published at:

Internet Marketing Resources Exposed!

So you have an online business and it has been up for a while. Everything seems to be working well and you do get some traffic but there’s seems to be something wrong. With a site that’s been up a while, why are you not generating any sales? You’ve seen those sites that have generated huge amounts of sales with just a few months of being online. How do they do it? What are you doing wrong? Well, yes, you might be doing something wrong. Those people, the really successful ones take full advantage of the possibilities of the endless Internet Marketing Resources Exposed contents available. Now while there isn’t a book or anything close to it that screams “Internet Marketing Resources Exposed!”, you can actually learn by just observing what those websites are doing, the very ones that you are not using on your site. Sure, there would be companies who would tell you that there might not be a book about internet marketing resources exposed but they can definitely help you improve your site’s sales and there’s no doubt that they can. But for those who want something more DIY and something that you wont have to spend so much cash on, here are a few tried and tested tips for those among you looking for some tips regarding the matter. 1. Content is king. The overall look of your site is important, that is true, but what’s even more vital to your success is the content. It’s like going on a date. Would you want to date someone with just looks and pretty much nothing else beyond that? Some might say yes, but let’s face it; things would get boring after a while. The same goes for your site. Your content, especially if it’s interesting and very informative would keep people coming back. So write content that is not only refreshing but one that would also provide wonderful insight to whatever it is that you are recommending. Use catchy titles such as, what we’ve been discussing in this article, Internet Marketing Resources Exposed! Remember to write well researched content as writing without actual knowledge of what you’re talking about can create a kind of disconnect between you and the visitors to your site. This disconnect can lead to doubts over your credibility. 2. Never be complacent. Even if you’re efforts are generating great results, you should always keep in mind that the marketing environment is constantly changing and everyday, there are new strategies being developed. So keep yourself as well as your website up to date to these changes in order to keep up or get ahead of the competition. 3. Why not develop strategies yourself? If you have ideas, do not be afraid to try them. Test and experiment. Doing this could give you better advantage over the competition and would definitely boost your site’s traffic. 4. Get into directory listings. Think of websites that might want to link to you. Research online about the different websites and online directories. 5. Do not underestimate the power of e-mail. Many people still do not utilize email as a basic marketing tool. A simple signature link or a text that points to your website which is pasted as a kind of signature to all your email messages can actually help in driving people to your site. So again, while there might not be a book about Internet Marketing Resources Exposed, you can learn about all these things online as well as through observing how the most successful websites run. Take notes from them and try it on your own site, see what works and what not. It’s all about experimenting with your options. Published at:

Top 10 Freelance Writing Resources On The Internet If you are new to home based money making industry as a writer, RentACoder is probably a good place to start from because its procedures are quite straightforward. Signing up for this website is totally free but you will need to pay 15% of each project you win, as a service fee. Since the money is escrowed by your buyer before project inception, your payments are guaranteed if you do a quality service. There are many job postings at scriptlance, however; many of those projects never get rewarded. It is quite difficult for a beginner to start off at scriptlance because there is a lot of scamming going on in the bidding phase. However, if you are able to build a good reputation, you can be sure to have a lot of buyers awarding you projects on long term basis. Guru is a professional freelance website which allows free membership as well as subscriptions known as Guru VENDOR. Although there are many job listings, many buyers choose to have Guru Vendors bid for their projects, so if you sign up with a basic account, you might not go too far with this website. Elance too has two categories of membership; basic which is free of charge and professional which should be subscribed to. Upon sign up, you cannot bid on any project until you pass an evaluation test from the website. Elance too is a secured site as it facilitates payment escrow. This is a biggest classified portal on the internet and so possibilities of finding work in here is endless. As a writer you could either search for freelance work or post an advertisement promoting your services, free of charge. The downside is that, according to website rules you cannot post too many ads as you will become suspended from the website. This website operates quite similar to RentACoder with the exception of allowing free memberships as well as, premium memberships. Their commission per project is 10% of the project value plus a fixed charge of $5.00 The downfall however is that, if your account remains on zero balance for over 30 days, it will be frozen. This is a very professional website with a lot of professional and highly paid writing jobs on the offering. However, you will need to subscribe as a member to work. But the good news is that you can apply for a trial period of 7 days by paying only $2.95 thereby, you can have a taste of what you are getting in to before investing money on membership. If you are a professional writer, is your perfect opportunity. Signing up for their service is easy however; you will only be able to take up projects once your application is accepted by the website within two weeks. You will find quite a lot of writing related freelance opportunities at getafreelancer. Membership is free and here’s how it works. Getafreelancer allow new users to make only 15 bids per month. For each month a writer remains a member at the website, 1 point is added. So if your membership is 1 year old, you will get the chance to bid on 27 (15 + 12) projects per month. This is a supermarket of freelance writing jobs. What this website does is to obtain feeds from top freelance websites and display all relevant jobs. So if you don’t have time to spare on several websites, this will be your ideal shopping place. Published at:

The Best Resources on the Internet For Brides

The Web is literally full of things. Virtual things, that is, but very useful, indeed. Finding what you really need, however, can be exhausting. The amount of information available is so impressive, that we sometimes feel overwhelmed at what many call information overload. That’s why knowing how to look for stuff on the Web can make the difference between navigating or drifting through the big ocean of bits and bytes that make up the Internet. So, browsing the Web in search for wedding advice and great sites can be difficult. Not because there aren’t any, but because there are a lot. That’s why we’ve collected a small list of web sites that can be really useful to plan your wedding. 1. Dreamweddings-uk: A UK site, this is a blog dedicated to giving you awesome ideas for everything wedding related. There are great tips and ideas on how to organize your dream wedding and have the best experience without stress and no big rushes. 2. Weddings affordable: Another excellent resource site with tips for planning weddings when you’re on a tight budget. You can find advice on different types of wedding planning and discount weddings, which makes it a must if you want to get married and still be able to afford life after that. You can find there lots of categories, with several posts that focus on accessories, favors, gifts, honeymoons, and a lot more. 3. The Knot: If you have made up your mind already and are decided to buy the ring, make sure you plan your wedding accordingly. With this web site you’ll get plenty of ideas to plan your wedding, and you can also buy accessories and honeymoon packages. The site distributes a magazine all over the country, specialized on weddings and honeymoons. 4. BravoBride: If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, you need to check out this site. It’s basically a large virtual market where you can buy and sell new and used, cheap wedding dresses, jewelry, decorations, favors, rent locations, and a wide variety of other products specially designed for weddings, ceremonies, and receptions. The beauty of it is that once you’re married, you can come back to the site to resell the stuff, so it is actually an investment. 5. Bridalocity: If you’re looking for guides and articles regarding the best practices and resources for wedding planning, you don’t want to miss this site. Great to find, as well, all sorts of wedding vendors. 6. Wedding-Resources: This site’s intention is to connect you with different wedding vendors all over the US so that you can buy various objects and items for your wedding party, like invitations, planners, even limos! You can find almost everything in this complete web site. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to post it to your site or blog and forward this link to to your friends. Have a great day! Don’t forget to visit our blog. Published at:

Top Internet Dieting Resources

Dieting is a principal health topic in the U.S. and rightfully so. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, almost two thirds of American adults (age 20 years and older) qualify as overweight. That’s slightly over 127 million people, sixty million of whom qualify as obese, or seriously overweight. It’s a major problem for our population – and therefore, naturally, a major topic on the Internet. There are dozens of sites that are more or less informative on the issues of weight loss and dieting and dozens more that pitch one diet program or another, or provide commercial content on several diets. There’s lots of money being devoted to web advertising to steer you to one diet or another, many of which have become names familiar in most households. Of the informative sources, perhaps the most thorough on the issue of weight is the American Obesity Association ( which treats the affliction as a disease and has extensive educational material available. Wikipedia ( does an excellent job discussing the basics of dieting. Their material addresses types of diets (as opposed to brands); the relationship of exercise and dieting; how calories are counted and how they work; and some of the dangers inherent in misguided attempts at dieting. Diets are also the core of a major American industry. Millions are spent annually on specialty diet programs – on books, prepared food programs, and hands-on therapy that involve both diet and exercise. If you’re looking for an analysis of the online resources for dieting, there’s a fairly extensive body of material at The title itself illustrates the mercenary nature of most diet web sites; however it’s a place to start if you want to learn about the more popular online diet programs. provides recommendations on programs, rankings based on popularity, and lots of content on the ancillary items such as workout plans and calorie counters. It is unclear, however, what criteria their recommendations are based on: it could be advertising, or it could be truly objective analysis. Given the title of the site, it may be a combination of the two. An openly commercial site that provides comparisons of fourteen online diet programs can be found at While it’s clear that the programs found there paid for positioning, it provides you with an opportunity for some quick comparisons of diet program models. In November the Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with the FDA, announced two online tools to assist consumers in dieting. The tools are Make Your Calories Count, a Web-based learning program, and a new Nutrition Facts Label brochure. These tools combine an online diet program with a detailed explanation of how to use the nutritional facts posted on every food item sold publicly. It is the government’s attempt at countering the rising tide of obesity in this country and it is possibly the only truly cost-free program you’ll find online. You can find the details at For an overall look at the health issues and diet programs, there is a good list of specific sites found at This page contains a list of web sites that are mostly products of government agencies or non-profit organizations. The sites address particular issues such as types of fats; nutrition guides and includes archival resources on dietary management. There is a vast amount of information online about nutrition and dieting. There are also vast numbers of online diet programs, of various designs, that are paid services. If you are interested in an online diet and exercise program, choosing among them is the second biggest challenge you will face. The number one challenge, of course, will be mustering up the discipline to follow it. Published at:

An Internet Resources List is a Great Social Networking Tool

Developing an Internet Resources List is an important tool for Social Networking. When you meet new contacts online, adding value, offering solutions to challenges, and generally helping others with information is the fastest way to build relationships. Having an Internet Resources List on hand makes that a simple and easy process. Not having one is sure to result in missed opportunities.

Everyone sooner or later finds themselves with a chance to make a strong impression by pointing a newly acquired contact toward a great tool or site. Then they anguish, racking their brain trying to remember that name or location of that site or that free program. It’s just part of the information overload we all face.

If you are aggressively tackling the Social Networking scene, you are connecting with new people every day. When you do have an opportunity to offer something you are certain to be remembered for, you can’t afford to squander your chance. But with so many new people and so many things to cram into your head, it’s easy to forget a web name or location. That’s why a resources list is so important.

Create a file, whether it’s on your computer, stored in your phone, or a hard copy. Every time you scour the web searching for answers and you find the ultimate solution, put the URL, the search terms you used to find it, and a brief description of your find into that file.

Then the next time you are chatting online and someone tells you of a need or challenge, you’ll instantly think of your Internet Resources List. The only thing you will have to worry about is- remembering where you put it.

Phil Stone is a Internet and Network marketer who has helped hundreds of people develop financial independence with additional income streams. He and his wife, Kim Stone are the creators of the training program, Network Marketing From the Streets to the Web. He is Vice-Chairman of the Internet Advisory Board with his current company and works at his Florida home. Visit his blog site, [], and get a free tutorial on Qualifying and Closing Leads and find more tips and tools for Internet and Network Marketers.

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Using Internet Resources & Tools For Greater Productivity

I’m a big fan of using tools to help me run my business better. That’s why I love the internet. There are so many ways to make your business run smarter, faster and even on autopilot that you can literally make money without even being there.

Choosing the right tools can be a challenge for some people.

Internet Resources & Tools

Here’s a list of things to consider when choosing the resources and tools to build your business:

1. How does this help my ROI (return on investment)? In other words, will using this tool make you more money?

2. Why do you want to use it? Are you considering a tool because someone told you that you must have it, or do you actually need it?

3. Is it in your budget? You’d be amazed at how many free and low cost options there are out there, don’t sign up for a high-priced tool before doing your research and deciding if it really is within your budget.

4. Is it user friendly? There’s nothing worse than downloading a program you need now and finding out it’s going to take you eight months to learn it. On the other hand, investing some time in learning a program that will advance your business is a smart move.

How Can Internet Tools Improve Your Business?

There are a few ways I use internet tools to build my business strong and make more money. Here they are:

Automation – This might very well be my favorite! Automate and you don’t have to be there. Plan ahead, do the work, set it and then move on to the next thing. There are many tools that make this possible.

Organization – There are tools that help you organize files, information, passwords and more.

Speed – There are many tools you can use to do things faster online. The need for speed is great when you want to get a lot of things done in a limited amount of time!

One of the biggest traps I see people falling into over and over again is buying tools they don’t need because someone told them they did need it. Don’t let this happen to you. Avoid the desire to try out every new gadget. Sometimes new is great and sometimes it’s just a distraction from your business goals.

Keep your business goals top of mind when you seek out new ways to save time and maximize your productivity and you’ll see the huge benefits to your business.

Want some suggestions on great tools to increase productivity, save time and help you make more in your business? Check out the list on Internet Resources here:

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Free Internet Resources For Your Business

You would be surprised at all the free internet resources available that can help you in your business. The internet is a world wide smorgasbord of free resources, tools, and services, all designed to make you purchase something better. While you might do so in the future, it’s great to have these free versions available to use while you are getting started and waiting for the profits to start rolling in.

If you are involved in network marketing or if your online business uses employees and contractors from a wide variety of locations via the internet, free conference calling is going to be your new best friend. Free conference calling is a perk provided by many online services such as cheap web hosting, autoresponders, and simply just as a promotion for higher quality conferencing services. In short, you can find free audio or video conferencing in a number of places, and you can put it to very good use.

Another free internet resource you can use for your business is free website hosting. The downside to this is that you will not be able to enjoy as many features as a paid account. You will also have to deal with ads, so you might want to consider a cheap hosting solution instead if you can afford to do so.

One of the best and most often free internet resources you will find is Google Analytics. If you have a website you can use this service, and it is absolutely free. You can monitor your own website stats for no cost whatsoever. There are also many websites that allow you to monitor your website based on a particular keyword or keyword phrase, and some of these even allow you to see your site in comparison with your biggest competitors, all for free.

For more information, I have an outstanding training program available.

Thank you.

Jerry is a full time home based entrepreneur with over 2 decades of business experience. Jerrys team of coaches and mentors can assist you in your home based business. It is time for you to find your own success path. It is up to you how successful your new business will be. You receive the help, but provide the effort. Get on the wave of business ownership. The days of finding a job and staying there for 40 years and then retiring are over. Take control of your destiny today. To learn more about online marketing go to []

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How to Use Internet Resources to Search For an Old Friend’s Number

There are few things as enjoyable as hearing the voice of a familiar friend. Even if this friend is someone you haven’t spoken to in years, when you hear their voice, you’ll probably pick up your friendship right where you left off, no matter how long it’s been. But this leaves only one small problem: how do you go about finding a phone number for an old friend? If you want to find a friend’s number, you’ll be glad to know that there are lots of great internet resources you can use to find it, and then double check it with a reverse phone lookup.

If you want to find a friend’s number, there are lots of great resources to check. The top of the list might be internet people finders. These dedicated vertical search devices focus exclusively on finding information about people, including contact info. That means that if you want to find a friend’s phone number, these websites are a great place to start. Other websites worth checking include social networking sites, online public records searches, and even traditional search engines. If you use all of these methods, there’s a good chance that you can find a phone number for an old friend.

But before you call that number, you should use a reverse phone lookup. The new ideal in phone search technology, reverse phone lookups offer important information about those numbers you’re unfamiliar with. Remember, if you found a friend’s phone number over the internet, you probably have no way of knowing if the information you got was accurate or up to date. Many people intentionally post false information on the web, and many others are intentionally trying to deceive you.

That’s why you should always search a phone number before you dial it. In this way, reverse phone lookups are an invaluable tool that can keep you safe from contacting people you really wouldn’t want to call.

Susan is a part-time writer and long-time personal fitness trainer with a knack for tech gadgets. You can check out her latest techie project–a tool to find out who owns a cell phone number–at []

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Make Money Online With Web Free Internet Resources

You can start making money online with no investment at all if you have some knowledge and great resources. If you have ever been a victim of money making scams and you still want to make money for real without being ripped off by so called guru’s then you might want to check out this site, you will be provided with the best web free internet resources available to earn money online constantly, the real works are shown here and it is totally free!! Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for information that you might get anywhere if you look for it well, why? because people have a tendency to believe in anything when they are in desperate need, and that is why so called internet marketing guru’s (scam artists) take advantage of people like you and me, normal nice people like you and me trying to get economical freedom and living the dream of quitting our day jobs and spending more time with our families.

Because of the way things are set people also develop a tendency to loose faith and interest in becoming independent and blowing off their current jobs, because the people that are really earning money online usually hide the methods and techniques that really work so they can take advantage of the online money making opportunities out there, and not just by taking advantage of the real good money making opportunities but some of them also like to take advantage of the ignorance of new internet users and/or entrepreneurs.

I was a victim of many scams, but I kept on working hard until I finally learned, and that is why I want to share this site with you! so you can make money with web free internet resources, you can make money online for real, a lot of money if you want to, you just have to work for it hard! The potential to earn money online is unlimited and if you want to make it with little or no investment at all then you will be pleased with this site, Make money!

Make Money Free

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